Why the fox?

As the red fox, the symbol of our company, we are always ready to face new challenges

Over time we have learned that the spirit of adaptation accompanied by guile, intuition, skill, vitality and wisdom are the ingredients that characterize our modus operandi, so for curiosity and for fun, we identified ourselves in red fox. The fox symbolizes the capability to move also in difficult situations and environments, considered dangerous by others. An animal able to get out of difficult situations and venture into unknown places. During the years of economic crisis every day was a challenge for the survival and for the conservation of our small den, but thanks to the enthusiasm, vitality and a desire to learn how to pick up any signals, even the most difficult lands stimulated us to create. Therefore slowly, without realizing it, we moved like the fox that is always at attention and try to solve problems frivolously without worrying about too soon. Armed with a great capacity to adapt and with energetic spirit, strong, generous, clever and intuitive we fought against boredom and indifference every day. In this way it was born LASER King with the new guise of the red fox, the color of passion that characterizes our actions. Red as Dèsian accent born for LED lighting that stands out in the night, accomplices of the fox and of her undisturbed actions, with her sartorial brightness.